Would you like to make a return?

We do know that sometimes it just does not fit. We surely understand it. You have 30 days time to make a return counting from the day of the delivery. After receiving the return we have 7 working days to make the full refund.

Return instructions:

  1. You may make a full or partial return of your order within 30 days counting from the day of the delivery.
  2. The costs of return are carried out by the buyer.
  3. The footwear, which you wish to return, cannot bear any marks of usage and must be returned in the original packaging.
  4. The parcel should be sent to our address using any carrier.
  5. Regardless of the shipping form, attach the properly completed return form to the package. You will find the form on the back of the invoice that is attached to each order. In case of the form loss, it is available to download it HERE.
  6. After receiving the return we will make a full refund to the given bank account within 7 working days.

What should you take care of?

The parcel should be returned in the original packaging. Remember to properly protect the return against damage. Do not send the original packaging sealed with the tape, it will not protect the parcel properly and it will force us to throw away the box that might still be reused. We hope that just like us, you wish to reduce the amount of waste.

What should be included in the package?

 Attach the properly completed return form to the package. You will find the form on the back of the invoice. A correctly completed form is the basis for the return.

The return should be sent to the following address:

Magical Shoes
Street: Krakowska 83
ZIP Code: 34-120
City: Andrychow


You picked the wrong size, colour or model?

Currently we do not offer a direct exchange. You may make a return and order a new, desired product using our shop. Return the product according to the directions above. By re-ordering the right product, you will quicken the process and receive the shipping faster.


All our minimalist shoes have a one-year warranty. If your footwear is faulty or did not last as long as they should, please contact us. Show us the receipt and, depending on the damage, we will repair your shoes or provide you with a new pair.

Mail us the photos of your faulty/damaged footwear. We will consider your complaint or ask you to send it back to us. That is how we could avoid future failures. Our E-mail address is: [email protected]

Important: Please make sure that the complained footwear is at least relatively clean. There were cases that the footwear was sent back with a dirty sock inside 😛 It may seem funny but the people responsible for the complaints were not amused.

We would like to inform you that the complaint may not be accepted if:

  •  the footwear has some mechanical damage resulting from improper use (abrasions, material damage, cuts)
  •  the sole has been worn through during the use
  •  the footwear has defects resulting from soaking, including washing in the washing machine
  •  footwear was improperly cleaned and impregnated. How should it be done? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions
  •  natural wear out of the footwear