Strong nano impregnation spray for shoes and textiles - Xnano PRO 250 ml


Very strong nano shoe impregnation made of all types of materials.

Properties of XNANO PRO:

  • Strong nano-protection for shoes
  • Resistant to water, dirt and stains
  • Long-lasting and effective action
  • Can be applied multiple times
  • It does not change the color and structure of the footwear.
  • Neutral to people and the environment
  • Friendly to allergy sufferers
  • Maintains the natural vapor permeability of the footwear

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Universal nano impregnation of shoes and clothes Xnano PRO:

The strongest impregnation from the Xnano series for the protection of shoes and clothing made of various materials. The preparation guarantees comprehensive protection against mud, water, stains and other dirt. It is designed to protect any type of material, including leather and suede. Xnano impregnation is safe to use. Regularly applied to the material, it does not change its texture and appearance. The material on shoes and clothes retains its natural properties, the so-called “Breathing”, that is, passing water vapor. The impregnation works effectively for up to 6 months. It has a neutral smell and is safe for the user.

Xnano is a revolutionary superhydrophobic coating that gives materials unique properties. It is non-toxic, odorless and completely transparent. Xnano PRO is a unique formula that lasts up to 6 months and is twice as effective. A product without harmful VOC compounds and unnecessary gas content (as is the case with other spray products) 250 ml of this product is almost 500 ml of a standard spray product!


  • Clean the impregnated surface thoroughly
  • Spray the preparation generously
  • Let it dry for several hours
  • Your stuff is protected!

Thanks to Xnano Pro, your problem of wet and dirty shoes will end!

Impregnated footwear becomes resistant to water, moisture, stains and sticking of mud. The secured material does not change its texture or appearance. Xnano Pro nano shoe impregnation does not block the natural “breathing” properties of the footwear.


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