• Termoizolacyjne, filcowe wkładki do butów na zimę


    Properties of warm felt insoles:

    • provide the highest standard of foot protection against cold and moisture
    • they do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin
    • absorb moisture
    • they ease the pressure of the feet on the ground, increase the comfort and hygiene of using the shoes
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  • Zimowe skarpety z wełny merino


    Warm barefoot socks made of soft merino wool do not pinch the toes like most thick winter socks.

    • composition: 99% merino wool, 1% polyamide
    • intended for fall and winter,
    • they perfectly drain moisture,
    • anti-fungal
    • do not absorb unpleasant odors,
    • pleasant to touch,
    • Polish manufacturer guaranteeing high quality of workmanship.


    Wool barefoot socks should be hand washed in lukewarm water or in a washing machine up to 30 ° C on the wool program. Wash in wool washing liquids!

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  • Strong nano impregnation spray Xnano PRO


    Very strong nano shoe impregnation made of all types of materials.

    Properties of XNANO PRO:

    • Strong nano-protection for shoes
    • Resistant to water, dirt and stains
    • Long-lasting and effective action
    • Can be applied multiple times
    • It does not change the color and structure of the footwear.
    • Neutral to people and the environment
    • Friendly to allergy sufferers
    • Maintains the natural vapor permeability of the footwear
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  • Eco-Friendly Shoe Protector Spray


    Footwear impregnation made of any type of material.

    • 200 ml capacity
    • Colorless
    • For all types of footwear
    • Polish producer
    • It has a PFC-free preparation (does not contain fluoride),
    • Water based, solvent free.
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  • Silikonowe-separatory-palcow-magical-separatorsseparatory-na-haluksy-silikonowe-zelowe-magical-separators


    Quantity: two sepsrators (PAIR)
    : Medical silicone
    Colour: White
    Size: Universal
    Advantages: Correction of overlapping toes.
    Getting rid of halux.

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  • pedes-board-foot-trainer


    A revolutionary tool for foot training, created to strengthen the muscles, improve movement patterns and develop the functionality of the most complicated body part that is human foot. Pedes Board is made of non-slip and durable rubber and high-quality wood. The device has been connected with an indestructible rope, resistant to breaking. The device has eight rubber legs that can be set in different positions to perform the appropriate exercise.

    What do you get?

    • 1 x Pedes Board
    • 8 x Rubber legs
    • Online workshop on how to use Pedes Board

    Inside the box there is a QR code that can be scanned in order to get 12-month access to the workshop.

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  • pedes-pocket-blackpedes-pocket-red


    Let us introduce you to the best tool for foot massage – PEDES POCKET. It was designed to maximize the effects of the massage of the foot arch, plantar fascia and the space between the toes. The tool has small nubs that enhance the sensory stimulation to further relax the muscles. Pedes Pocket is small so you can take it anywhere with you and massage your feet in order to release muscle tension. You may perform some exercises with our tool which you will be able to access after scanning the QR code from the box.

    What do you get?

    • 1 Pedes Pocket – available in four colours
    • 12-month access to the workshop on how to use the tools
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  • wooden-foot-massage-roller-magical-roller


    Wooden Foot Massage Roller – Advantages:

    • Reduces pain and eases muscle tension
    • Assists blood circulation
    • A tool for acupressure and reflexology
    • Perfect for people who practice sports actively
    • Ideal during rehabilitation
    • Portable and compact
    • Ecological: made of solid beech wood
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  • ebook-trening-topy-move-magical


    E-book Foot Training:

    A practical source of knowledge about foot training and it’s effects on the whole body

    • foot work basics – let’s get to know our feet again
    • more than 50 exercises integrating feet into work
    • exercises from the simplest to the most difficult options
    • local foot exercises
    • global exercises where a properly working foot has a huge impact on the whole body
    • examples of how to plan exercises contained in the e-book


    Benefits of using the exercises found in the e-book:

    • Increased awareness of how your body work
    • Better glutes muscles due to the correct activation of the foot exercise
    • Improving the quality of foot work during everyday activities, running and other sports practiced
    • Better stretching and strengthening of the ankle joint (shank, Achilles tendon)
    • Better balance, which is essential for maintaninig orthopedic health
    • Better foot, hip and knee stabilization
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