• Silikonowe-separatory-palcow-magical-separatorsseparatory-na-haluksy-silikonowe-zelowe-magical-separators

    Quantity: two sepsrators (PAIR)
    : Medical silicone
    Colour: White
    Size: Universal
    Advantages: Correction of overlapping toes.
    Getting rid of halux.

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  • Ciepłe wkładki z wełny na zimę - Magical Insoles Merino

    Properties of natural sheep wool insoles:

    • provide the highest standard of foot protection against cold and moisture.
    • they have bactericidal properties and eliminate conditions for the development of mites
    • they do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin
    • absorb moisture
    • they ease the pressure of the feet on the ground, increase the comfort and hygiene of using the shoes
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  • beeswax-leather-conditioner-leather-protector

    100% natural beeswax leather conditioner

    Leather Protector softens the leather, creates a water resistant layer, while nourishing and preserving it.

    The paste is suitable for grain leather products such as:

    • shoes
    • handbags
    • furniture
    • car interiors
    • leather goods
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  • Strong nano impregnation spray Xnano PRO

    Very strong nano shoe impregnation made of all types of materials.

    Properties of XNANO PRO:

    • Strong nano-protection for shoes
    • Resistant to water, dirt and stains
    • Long-lasting and effective action
    • Can be applied multiple times
    • It does not change the color and structure of the footwear.
    • Neutral to people and the environment
    • Friendly to allergy sufferers
    • Maintains the natural vapor permeability of the footwear
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  • Eco-Friendly Shoe Protector Spray

    Footwear impregnation made of any type of material.

    • 200 ml capacity
    • Colorless
    • For all types of footwear
    • Polish producer
    • It has a PFC-free preparation (does not contain fluoride),
    • Water based, solvent free.
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  • wooden-foot-massage-roller-magical-roller

    Wooden Foot Massage Roller – Advantages:

    • Reduces pain and eases muscle tension
    • Assists blood circulation
    • A tool for acupressure and reflexology
    • Perfect for people who practice sports actively
    • Ideal during rehabilitation
    • Portable and compact
    • Ecological: made of solid beech wood
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  • ebook-trening-topy-move-magical

    E-book Foot Training:

    A practical source of knowledge about foot training and it’s effects on the whole body

    • foot work basics – let’s get to know our feet again
    • more than 50 exercises integrating feet into work
    • exercises from the simplest to the most difficult options
    • local foot exercises
    • global exercises where a properly working foot has a huge impact on the whole body
    • examples of how to plan exercises contained in the e-book


    Benefits of using the exercises found in the e-book:

    • Increased awareness of how your body work
    • Better glutes muscles due to the correct activation of the foot exercise
    • Improving the quality of foot work during everyday activities, running and other sports practiced
    • Better stretching and strengthening of the ankle joint (shank, Achilles tendon)
    • Better balance, which is essential for maintaninig orthopedic health
    • Better foot, hip and knee stabilization
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