Ebook foot training


E-book Foot Training:

A practical source of knowledge about foot training and it’s effects on the whole body

  • foot work basics – let’s get to know our feet again
  • more than 50 exercises integrating feet into work
  • exercises from the simplest to the most difficult options
  • local foot exercises
  • global exercises where a properly working foot has a huge impact on the whole body
  • examples of how to plan exercises contained in the e-book


Benefits of using the exercises found in the e-book:

  • Increased awareness of how your body work
  • Better glutes muscles due to the correct activation of the foot exercise
  • Improving the quality of foot work during everyday activities, running and other sports practiced
  • Better stretching and strengthening of the ankle joint (shank, Achilles tendon)
  • Better balance, which is essential for maintaninig orthopedic health
  • Better foot, hip and knee stabilization

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