Why should I wear minimalist/barefoot shoes?

1.1.Why should I wear Magical Shoes 
Do you feel relieved when you take off your hard, narrow shoes after a long day of wearing them?
Try to imagine that you put hard, thick plastic gloves on your hands and have to do your daily activities in them. Pretty scary, right? Now look at your feet. You forgot about them, from an early age your parents put on modern, fashionable footwear – that is for the feet, like a cage for the bird. Barfeoot shoes were created to bring us closer to the unrestricted, natural movement. In human feet there are 25% of bones and joints from all over our body. It has 200,000 nerve endings (same as the hands). Therefore, for them to be functional, they must bend, twist, move, feel what is under them.

Magical Shoes – barefoot shoes allow them to do all this work, thanks to:

Zero drop: (height difference between heel and toes) evenly distributed body pressure for correct posture
Wide toebox: they allow you to relax and set toes, provides a stable support base
Extremely flexible: feet move naturally without artificial interference
Thin, durable and flexible sole: provides thorough feedback to your brain, doesn’t block the natural feeling of what’s under your foot

1.2. Bunions, flat feet and other foot problems
You are in the right place. All Magical Shoes models are wide enough in the toe area so as not to cause abrasions or aggravate the problem with bunions. Barefoot shoes will help strengthen the foot muscles, so they will be helpful in most diseases. Many doctors and physiotherapists recommend wearing minimalist shoes.

How to start your adventure with barefoot shoes?

We’ve created Magical Shoes for everyone! Regardless of age, gender or mobility. However, if bareofot shoes are something new to you, or you are going to check what incredible benefits their possession brings, please be careful. Put on your feet, check how they react to new stimuli. Begin to walk in them, slowly learning again how you moved as a child without modern, hard footwear. Your feet need some time to acclimatize in minimalist shoes.

If you are a runner, you train in the gym, do sports and want to start your journey with natural running and movement, you should be even more careful. Do not throw your options at deep water. Do you exercise regularly 5 days a week, running a marathon is a small potatoes?

If you did it in shoes created by huge brands that do not care about your health and sell shoes deforming your feet and posture, you must be patient and train calmly at the beginning. It takes some time before you get the most out of your options.

Discover how to train (e.g. a link to a blog) so as not to hurt yourself and unnecessarily alienate you from minimalist shoes, which in the future you will not want to exchange for any other.

Sizing and Fit

1.1 What size of minimalist shoes should I choose?
If you are a new customer of Magical Shoes, we recommend checking our size chart and the description that is in it (link to the size chart)

1.2. Is the size I have chosen right?
The simplest answer is: Do you feel comfortable in them? Much depends on the wearer’s preferences. Some will need more space in front of the toes, and some people like to gently touch the front of the shoe with their toes.

1.3 What does the size chart depict?
The dimensions given in the size chart are the length and width of the insole inside the shoe.

1.4 How wide are the minimalistic Magical Shoes:
Each model of Magical Shoes footwear is created on a form that has the natural shape of a human foot. They have an anatomically shaped, wide “TOE BOX”

1.5 Are the women’s and men’s shoes from the same collection different?
Our minimalist shoes Magical Shoes are unisex footwear. Shoes in the women’s collection are just as long and wide as in the men’s collection.

1.6 My feet have two different lengths. Can you send me two shoes in different sizes?
Each Magical Shoes is made by hand in our factory located in Poland. In some cases, we are able to make special orders for you. Write to us regarding this matter at: help@magcialshoes24.com

1.7 Are Magical Shoes compatible with standard sizes?
All women’s and men’s shoes are smaller than the standard sizes. Measure your feet, check the size chart, and choose the correct size.
All children’s shoes are bigger than the standard sizes. Measure your feet, check the size chart, and choose the correct size.
All women’s and men’s sandals are bigger than the standard sizes. Measure your feet, check the size chart, and choose the correct size.


Orders and delivery

1.1 Why haven’t I received the order confirmation? / How can I track my order?
After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation and tracking number to the e-mail address provided by you. If you can’t find it in your email inbox, check your spam folder first. If you still cannot find the confirmation message, please contact our customer service: [email protected]

1.2 When can I expect to receive my order?
Here you can find all information about delivery time: WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

1.3 What are the shipping costs?
Same as in the previous point. All information about shipping costs you will find in our website tab: WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

1.4 Where do we ship Magical Shoes?
We ship our shoes and accessories worldwide. For more information please visit: WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

1.5 What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and traditional transfers.

1.6 How to redeem a discount / promotional code?
Enter your discount code in the “basket” in the “coupons” before finalizing your order.

1.7 What can I do if I have forgotten to apply the rebate code to an already placed order?
Unfortunately, if you proceed to checkout without using a discount code, we cannot change your order.

Cleaning and care

1.1 How do I clean my Magical Shoes?

We recommend washing our minimalist footwear with lukewarm water and soap.

Remember to dry your shoes at room temperature. Extreme heat such as exposure to the sun or heater can cause shoes to become distorted and faded.

1.2 How do I care for my Magical Shoes?

If you want to enjoy the use of your minimalist shoes for a long time, it’s best to use natural products for cleaning and weather protection. For footwear made of leather, use natural wax for impregnation.In addition, for impregnation of our winter models, we recommend sprays with nano technology, they will take care of waterproofness

1.3 Should I wear socks for my Magical Shoes?

It all depends on the customer’s preferences. However, we know from experience that it is better to wear socks for hygiene reasons and to keep your shoes fresh for longer, even with minimalist footwear.

Returns and exchanges

1 Returns and exchanges of minimalist shoes Magical Shoes

1.1. Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Yes! Did you choose the wrong size? Would you like to change the color? Or maybe a model for another?

Don’t worry, you’ll do it quickly and easily! You have a 30 day return period (from the moment you receive the shoes) Below is a short instruction:

  • Footwear must not have any traces of use and should be returned in its original packaging.
  • Attach a properly completed return / exchange form to the returned package. You will find the form on the back of the invoice that we attach to each order.
    In case of loss of the form, it is available for download HERE.
  • Return Address:

Magical Shoes
Street: Krakowska 83
ZIP: 34-120
City: Andrychow
Country: Poland
Email: [email protected]

The cost of return shipment is covered by the buyer. However, if you have received a faulty or wrong item, of course we will cover the return costs.

If you have such a situation, please contact us.

1.2. What if my shoes are defective? Do you offer a warranty on the products?

All our minimalist shoes are covered by a one-year warranty. If your shoes are defective or don’t last as long as they should, contact us. Show us the proof of purchase (receipt) and we will provide you with a replacement pair or a refund.

Send us photos of defective / damaged footwear. We will consider your complaint or ask you to send it back to us. In this way, we can avoid future faults.

1.3 When can I expect a refund?

After receiving the footwear you returned, we kindly ask you to wait 7 days to return the full purchase amount to the bank account / PayPal you have chosen.

How to run: natural running?

Naturally, that’s correct! 😉 Look at the children who run barefoot by the pool while playing. Do they put their feet on the heel while running ?! Do you want to have more pleasure from running and appreciate the fact that you will avoid injuries in the future?

Take a look at our BLOG and check how our friend 100hrMAX (one of the best Polish blogs about running) described for you a guide on how to start your adventure with natural running.