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Our Story

Magical Shoes constitutes not only an idea, but also a family. We form our brand together. Manufacturing shoes stands primarily for a multi-generation family tradition.
It all started with our grandpa Mietek who in 1966 opened a small shoemaking facility. Thanks to his determination and engagement he gradually developed his skills and gained experience, at the same time inspiring his three sons.
Up to this day each of these sons operates actively within the shoemaking industry. Today we are happy that we’ve managed to combine a team of young people with more than half a century of experience, thus, creating the Magical Shoes brand.
It makes us extremely happy that we all create something from passion, something which fits our beliefs.
When creating Magical Shoes we take advantage of strict norms concerning minimalistic shoes, meaning remarkable flexibility, lightness, no artificial stabilization, and a thin, indestructible sole.

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