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Barefoot Ballerina

We all want to look good no matter what the occasion is. That is why, while searching for the right shoes, we make sure that they are elegant and match our style. But design of footwear is not the only feature we should care about. Remember that we often spend long hours in the same pair of shoes, so it needs to be really comfortable. Magical Shoes is all about natural solutions, which guarantee you the comfort you and your feet deserve. And barefoot ballerina is the best example of such footwear.

Barefoot Ballerina – Why are They Good for You?

Probably every modern woman has at least one pair of ballerina shoes. They are much more comfortable than high-heels so it is good to have them in our wardrobe. Unfortunately, most shoes of that kind aren’t really good and healthy for our feet. That is why, we have decided to give women barefoot ballerina shoes, which are nice-looking, comfy and good for their feet as well. First of all, Magical Shoes ballerinas have natural shape of human foot, which means that they are a little bit wider than typical footwear. It is very important feature of any type of shoes, because our toes get enough room to rest and move in the shoe comfortably and they are not squeezed. What’s more, there is no difference in height between the sole under toes and heels. The zero drop allows the pressure to be distributed equally and our spine keeps its natural position all the time.

Comfortable Solution for Every Occasion

The barefoot ballerina made by Magical Shoes were made to meet the needs of busy modern women. Even if you spend the whole day walking or running from one place to the other, your feet will be fully comfortable. We did everything we could to design the shoes that will allow your feet to move naturally so they are not getting tired too easily. Our barefoot ballerina are all about the right materials. Thanks to them, you will probably forget that you are wearing any footwear at all. They are incredibly light and made form the highest quality materials. The outside is made of soft natural leather and the inside is a perfect combination of leather and 100% cotton. The sole of our barefoot ballerina is made of Magic Rubber which is only 5 mm thick. It means that they are extremely flexible but also durable at the same time. You can walk, run, dance and jump in these shoes and you will still feel really comfortable.

Elegant Look and High Quality

We all want to own a footwear which will serve us for a longer period of time. That is why, so many people are willing to invest more money in the shoes which quality is guaranteed by the producer and other users. And our handmade barefoot ballerina shoes are a perfect example of such footwear. As they look stunning and are resistant to any damages at the same time. We deeply care about the needs of our clients, so we make sure they get the shoes that are the perfect footwear for all occasions. They look fantastic, but are also really comfortable and allow our feet to move in the natural way.

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