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Barefoot Shoes for Kids – Magical Shoes

We all want our children to develop properly and we do whatever is possible to help them in that. One of the main concerns of parents is what kind of shoes their kids should wear. Today we may choose from thousands products, which lure us with their beautiful and colourful design.

But are they really good for the children? Well, in most cases unfortunately not. That is why, you should choose the most natural products, which are kids barefoot shoes made by Magical Shoes. Why are they so special? Let’s take a closer look.

Barefoot Shoes for Kids Are All About Natural Movement

Just take a look at the children’s footwear in any typical shop. It is usually quite hard and tight, while the sole is high. The producers try to convince us that it is exactly how kids shoes need to look like, but that is not true. As a matter of fact, wearing them can cause many health problems in the future, and that is not what parents would wish for. That is why, we have designed and created the most natural kids barefoot shoes there can be.

After years of learning about human’s feet anatomy and physiology, and also experimenting with different techniques, we were able to deliver to our customers healthy and comfortable footwear. Our shoes are much wider than typical footwear because they have natural shape of human foot. Children’s toes are not squeezed in them and the whole foot can freely move in the natural manner. The kids barefoot shoes also has zero drop, which means that there is no difference in the height of the sole. Because of that child’s spine stays in its natural position and the pressure gets distributed equally to the whole foot.

Flexibility Every Kid’s Foot Needs -Barefoot Shoes for Kids

Let’s be honest! Most children do not walk, they almost constantly run. And that is the reason why our kids barefoot shoes are so flexible. So children can have the full freedom of movement when they have all that fun.

Many typical models of footwear for the youngest customers have hard soles and upper parts of the shoes. But you should definitely avoid such solutions as hard shoes can even deform kids’ feet. That is why, our kids barefoot shoes are extremely light and flexible. The sole is very thin and the material it is made of easily adjusts to the natural moves of children’s feet.

The upper parts of the footwear created by Magical Shoes are made of light natural or vegan leather and also air mesh fabrics. So the feet aren’t restrain in any way and are incredibly comfortable in every situation.

Barefoot Shoes – Durability is the Key

We have mentioned most of the advantages of our kids barefoot shoes, but for many parents durability of such footwear is the main concern. We do realize that children tend not to care too much for their outfit, so while investing in its elements, parents want to make sure that they will serve them for a longer period of time.

But we can guarantee you that Magical Shoes footwear is extremely resistant. They may be light and flexible but our kids barefoot shoes will survive your children’s adventures in a great condition.