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Discover our JANU children’s sandals – healthy, comfortable and stylish. Made of high-quality leather, they provide natural air circulation. They protect delicate, growing feet with covered toes. Adjustable Velcro straps ensure a perfect fit, and the rubber sole adds confidence to children’s steps. The vegetable-tanned leather insoles are durable and skin-friendly. Provide your child with comfort and style all in one.

Important: The vegetable tanned leather insole may have natural discolorations, which do not affect its quality.


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Barefoot kid’s sandals for learning to walk and for children already walking

Let’s start by emphasizing that our leather barefoot kid’s sandals are not only beautiful shoes, but also a full-fledged solution for the health of your little one’s feet. Made of the highest quality leather, they provide natural air circulation, so your child’s skin can breathe freely even on hot days. In addition, the vegetable-tanned leather insole guarantees adequate support and cushioning, ensuring comfort during every step.

Thanks to the careful construction of the sandals, which have a covered toe, your child’s feet are perfectly protected from possible damage and injury. You don’t have to worry about abrasions or accidental bumps – the sandals provide optimal protection.

Our priority is to ensure the healthy development of your little one’s feet. That’s why our sandals are designed in a minimalist style, with a wide front and flexible construction. This gives the foot the freedom to move as if walking barefoot, which promotes the natural development of muscles and joints. Narrow and close-fitting shoes can restrict the natural movement of the foot, so our sandals are wide and flexible, adapting to the shape and needs of a child’s developing feet. The entire design has been created so that the youngest children can safely learn and develop walking without the possibility of injury in the summer.

Workmanship and care

We not only care about the health of your child’s feet, but also about their comfort and style. Our barefoot kid’s sandals are available in a wide range of shades so you can find the perfect color to match your little one’s outfit. Whether you choose a classic shade or perhaps something more strident and colorful, our sandals will always add a stylish touch to your child’s summer closet. The JANU model, as well as all models of our minimalist shoes, are 100% invented in our factory, where experienced cobblers take care of every detail of finishing.

An important element of children’s sandals is also the easy fit. Our sandals feature adjustment straps fastened with durable Velcro, which allow you to individually adjust the shoes to your little one’s foot. As a result, the sandals provide the perfect fit and security for everyday adventures. Whether your child is running in the backyard, exploring the beach or playing in the park, our sandals will always provide stability and comfort.

The ease of keeping our leather kid’s sandals clean is a definite advantage. Full grain leather allows for effortless cleaning and refreshing, which guarantees lasting durability. It is also worth taking care of the footwear’s care. To extend their life and make them stay in very good shape for a long time, it is worth using impregnants dedicated to grain leather. You can choose 100% naural protective wax Leather Protector, thanks to which you will impregnate footwear and refresh the appearance of leather. Give your child the opportunity to enjoy the comfort, freedom of movement and benefits of barefoot walking. Choose our barefoot leather children’s sandals and let your little one explore the world in a natural and healthy way.

JANU – Leather barefoot kid’s sandals – why you should choose them

  • Covered toes: children’s sandals protect feet from cuts and reduce the possibility of tripping in the youngest children.
  • Natural foot movement: barefoot sandals allow children to benefit from natural foot movement, which promotes healthy muscle and joint development.
  • Minimalist design: barefoot kid’s sandals have a minimalist design, which means they are lightweight and flexible. It allows a child’s feet to move freely and develop natural shock absorption.
  • Greater sensitivity: Thanks to their thin sole, sandals provide greater sensitivity and allow a child’s feet to better feel the surface they are stepping on.
  • Improved balance: The barefoot sandals allow the child’s feet to work naturally, which promotes the development of balance skills.
  • Strengthening foot muscles: With free movement, barefoot sandals engage and strengthen a child’s foot muscles, which can help improve overall muscle strength.
  • Suitable for flat feet: sandals are suitable for children with flat feet because they promote the natural formation of the foot and allow the arch of the foot to be strengthened.
  • Correct posture: Thanks to their flat sole, barefoot kid’s sandals encourage correct posture and make it easier to maintain proper body alignment.
  • Foot protection: Although barefoot sandals have a minimalist design, they still provide protection from small stones, twigs or other objects that could injure the foot.


Season: summer
Purpose: for everyday use
Upper: natural grain leather
Insole: vegetable tanned leather
Sole: Magical Rubber – 3.5mm
Size: from 20EU to 25EU
Flexibility: highest
Drop : 0.0mm (zero drop)

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