“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”
~Leonardo da Vinci

Human feet constitute a biomechanical piece of art. They handle every type of movement: from walking and running, to dancing and jumping. Nature has designed our feet so that they adjust to any type of surface.
That is why our footwear was designed in such a manner as to allow the healthiest and most natural manner of moving in shoes (barefoot running).


Drop, meaning the height difference between the heel and fingers. In our shoes the drop is precisely zero, it allows our feet to distribute pressure equally, and for the entire foot to smoothly move during walking or running.
A lifted heel results in an angulated spine line and forces an unnatural manner of stepping on the heel. Magical Shoes help to mitigate the tension in the lower part of the back and make you move in a healthy way.

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Flexibility = no artificial stabilization
Our extremely flexible Magical Shoes allow your muscles to work without any artificial interference, ensuring a natural bounce with every step.
Hard, stabilized shoes deform feet and limit the natural scope of motion making feet muscles weaker.


Magical Shoes have been designed in such a way as to reflect the natural shape of human feet.
We manufacture the shoes basing on a special form which makes them wide. Wide shoes provide the fingers in the feet with stability and a support base.

Buty do biegania boso minimalistyczne Magical Shoes Explorer Vegan Red


Our 5 mm thick MS Rubber is not only thin and flexible but also extremely resistant to piercing and abrasions.
Additionally it adjusts to every movement of the feet and allows to stimulate 200000 nerves located in each foot.

obuwie bieganie boso minimalistyczne Magical Shoes explorer fruity claret podeszwa


MS Explorer weights only 180 grams in size 42! We’ve achieved the surprisingly low weight thanks to the used materials.

buty do biegania boso buty do naturalnego biegania chodzenia szerokie buty wygodne buty obuwie naturalne