First barefoot shoes for baby - BALOO 2.0 - Beige


Season: spring, summer, autumn
Intendent for: everyday, for learning to walk
Upper: natural NAPPA cowhide leather
Lining: cowhide leather
Insole: vegetable tanned leather
Sole: non-slip Magical Rubber: 3,3 mm
Weight: 65 g (size 20 EU)
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)


Runs Small
True to Size
Runs Large

This model fits true to size. Always measure your feet and check the size chart.

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Children’s barefoot shoes for learning to walk – BALOO 2.0

A baby making its first step is an amazing and one-of-a-kind event for every parent. This moment prompts you to put your toddler in his first shoes. Of course, every parent would like their child to wear fashionable and modern footwear, similar to the one they would buy for themselves. The problem is that this type of footwear, in addition to the visual qualities, only contributes to the deformation and weakening of the developing child’s feet. However, if you care more about the proper development of your child’s foot, then the Magical Shoes Baloo 2.0 will be the perfect wide toe-box baby booties.

Babies learning to take their first steps need shoes that are light, flexible, completely flat and wide in the toes. Our Baloo, thanks to the thin and non-slip sole, ensures maximum feeling of the ground and full possible balance. Each of these features brings your child closer to the healthiest movement which is walking barefoot. Unfortunately, this is not the safest option. Due to the potential dangers, a child’s feet should be protected at all times. That is why it is worth putting on your toddler shoes for learning to walk, which do not restrict the movement of his foot and protect against injuries.

Beige barefoot shoes for baby – Baloo 2.0 – Materials and workmanship

Like most of our barefoot children’s shoes, the Baloo model is entirely made of the highest quality natural cowhide NAPPA leather. When creating it, we focused mainly on functionality, comfort and the maximum feeling of walking barefoot. Every detail has been carefully thought out to make it the perfect footwear for learning to walk. The insole in the shoes has been cut from vegetable tanned leather, which is 100% natural and chrome-free.

Convenient Velcro fastening has been placed on the instep, thanks to which the shoe fits perfectly to each type of foot. In addition, strong Velcro makes it easier to put on the shoes on unruly children’s feet and prevents shifting inside the shoe. Our children’s barefoot shoes Baloo have gained a completely new, flexible sole that has anti-slip properties thanks to a unique tread. This anatomical shape allows you to confidently take every step of your little explorer.

The upper made of natural cowhide leather is designed in such a way that no seam appears inside the shoe. Thanks to this treatment, it is not possible for anything to press on a toddler’s delicate foot. An elastic band sewn in above the heel makes the shoe even more fitted.

What are the advantages of barefoot shoes for kids?

Of course, both children’s and adult barefoot shoes have a lot of advantages. However, we will focus on these smaller users. A child’s foot develops continuously until around the age of 18, so it is important that it is as limited as little as possible. Especially in the youngest years. The feet are our “foundation” and their proper functionality affects the entire body. Thanks to walking in minimalist shoes, your child will avoid problems such as corns, flat feet, body posture defects or bunions.

The main advantages of barefoot shoes for learning to walk:

  • Wide and thin sole – proper balance and natural footwork
  • Completely flat – maintaining the correct center of gravity
  • Wide toe box – anatomical shape prevents bunions and deformations
  • Very flexible – increased mobility, strength and flexibility of muscles
  • No arch support – muscles can work independently
  • Breathable and very light – you do not feel that you have them on your feet

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