Thermo-insulation insoles with natural sheep wool


Properties of natural sheep wool insoles:

  • provide the highest standard of foot protection against cold and moisture.
  • they have bactericidal properties and eliminate conditions for the development of mites
  • they do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin
  • absorb moisture
  • they ease the pressure of the feet on the ground, increase the comfort and hygiene of using the shoes


Thermal insulation insoles with natural sheep wool

We offer barefoot boots for every season. Our warmest Magical Wool Insoles will provide full thermal comfort on the coldest days. They will become the favorite of every chilly person!

Top part – Natural sheep wool from a Polish manufacturer is incredibly soft, delicate and warm. Over time it adjusts to the foot.

Middle part – Spacer foam that insulates and adapts to the shape of the foot.

Lower part – aluminum foil which reflects the cold flowing from the soles of the shoes like a double-sided mirror. It prevents the outflow of heat stored in the footwear and at the same

time prevents the outer layers of the insoles from getting wet.

Sheep wool is a material with amazing properties:

  • Sheep’s wool gives a very natural and deep warmth to the feet
  • Natural wool improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure
  • Wool is also known for its relaxing and antibacterial properties – it soothes muscle tension and absorbs sweat, thus preventing unpleasant odors
  • Sheep wool insoles are incredibly soft and warm – you will always feel comfortable in them

Remember that the additional insole can take about 1 mm inside the shoe!


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