Pedes Board - Foot trainer


A revolutionary tool for foot training, created to strengthen the muscles, improve movement patterns and develop the functionality of the most complicated body part that is human foot. Pedes Board is made of non-slip and durable rubber and high-quality wood. The device has been connected with an indestructible rope, resistant to breaking. The device has eight rubber legs that can be set in different positions to perform the appropriate exercise.

What do you get?

  • 1 x Pedes Board
  • 8 x Rubber legs
  • Online workshop on how to use Pedes Board

Inside the box there is a QR code that can be scanned in order to get 12-month access to the workshop.


Pedes Board – the best tool for foot training

Together with My Foot Function we have created the most versatile tool for foot training. Its quality exceeds the competition’s products by light years, and the unique design makes it look really modern. The materials used will allow you to use it for many years. Two joined panels move independently so that the front and back part of the foot can work independently of each other. Isolating the front and back of the foot will allow you to twist it naturally, so that you will strengthen and train the lower and upper ankle joint. Eight rubber legs are attached to the bottom of the device with a very strong Velcro fastener. It can be set in many positions, so that you can train in any axis of movement. The foot training tool is used by athletes, physiotherapists, personal trainers and anyone who wants to improve their foot health.

When will Pedes Board be helpful?

  • During the hallux valgus treatment
  • To improve the foot rolling
  • In case of improper foot positioning such as: longitudinal flat feet, transverse flat feet, valgus foot
  • To improve knees’ and hips’ positioning
  • When eliminating pronation and supination
  • During healing an injured foot arch
  • For stabilizing transverse and longitudinal arches

Pedes Board – workmanship

 The tool for foot training is hand-made in Poland. It took a lot of time in order to design it in such a way so that it would do its job. Each element was well-thought and tested multiple times so that you could use it for many years and you could treat your feet. Pedes Board consists most of all of durable rubber and high quality wood. In addition to the two platforms, it has eight rubber legs that are attached to the bottom of the device with a very strong Velcro fastener with a number of cycles exceeding 10,000. The Velcro has been glued to the rubber and sewn through, so there is no possibility that it would come unstuck. The foot stands stably on the platforms and there is no possibility of slipping. This tool for foot training can be used indoors or outdoors but we do not recommend using it in the rain


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