BeesWax Leather Conditioner - Leather Protector


100% natural beeswax leather conditioner

Leather Protector softens the leather, creates a water resistant layer, while nourishing and preserving it.

The paste is suitable for grain leather products such as:

  • shoes
  • handbags
  • furniture
  • car interiors
  • leather goods

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100% Natural Beeswax Leather Conditioner

Pure nature. The balm ingredients are only natural and organic products. Beeswax based leather paste has amazing properties. It protects the leather against all external factors. Beeswax combined with lanolin and vegetable oils soaks into the leather and creates a protective layer that protects it from getting wet. There is more! The paste can be used as a leather care product. If you want to refresh the look of your leather shoes, just spread the paste on them and they will restore their original color and shine. Leather Protector softens the leather and creates the water resistant layer, while nourishing and preserving it.

How is the beeswax leather paste made?

The most important ingredient is beeswax. It originates from local apiaries thanks to hardworking bees. After being collected by the bees, it is filtered several times to make it 100% pure. Another ingredient is natural lanolin, which comes from sheep’s wool that is washed and the fat is separated from the water during spinning. The leather must also be properly oiled, which is why the last, key ingredient is a mixture of vegetable oils, the recipe of which we do not want to reveal. That is our little secret. Our paste has a delicate, sweet vanilla scent that originates from natural essential oils. The proportions of ingredients have been carefully selected to protect the leather in the most effective way.

Leather protector – application

The leather paste is only suitable for grain leather. It is not suitable for suede or nubuck. The paste should be stored in a cool and dry place. Our 100% natural and pure beeswax for leather protection prevents water from soaking into leather surfaces. Leather paste protects, cleans and moisturizes leather in shoes, furniture, handbags, gloves, car interiors and many more. The highest quality natural ingredients will ensure a long-lasting effect of freshly nourished leather.

How to use our paste:

  •  Apply only to clean and dry surfaces
  •  Test the paste on a small spot before use
  •  Using a clean cloth, rub the balm to soften it to a paste-like consistency
  •  Apply the paste to the leather in gentle circular patterns
  •  Leave the leather to dry for at least 24 hours


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