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Winter barefoot boots for kids – ZiuZiu 2.0

Put on your child’s feet winter barefoot boots that would not influence their natural development. The improved model ZiuZiu 2.0 was made of high-quality leather from Polish tanneries. Inside there is woolen insulation, and on the bottom there is a completely new non-slip sole that protects the tips and heels of the shoes. For traditionalists, there are classic autumn and winter colours available. For the more adventurous kids (or rather moms), we prepared cheerful, bright colours with colourful inserts.

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Winter barefoot boots for kids ZiuZiu 2.0

There is now a completely new version of your favourite winter barefoot boots for kids. In response to our reliable customers’ advice, we have introduced several important changes to satisfy your children even more. We got rid of the large patch on the adjustment strap and replaced it with a more delicate version. The second and more technical change is the use of a new, non-slip sole that was created especially for the ZiuZiu 2.0 model. The sole has a completely new tread, which will provide better traction even on the most slippery surfaces.

 Why are winter barefoot shoes for children a good choice?  

Imagine you put on your hands hard, heavy and tight gloves. Suddenly you have to pick up a phone that is in your pocket or use a key to open a door lock. That is how your child’s feet may feel when put in stiff, narrow and hard footwear. Most producers do not understand this problem but we do! Hopefully, there is a ZiuZiu 2.0 model to the rescue! Despite being a full-fledged winter boot, it also has a wide toe-box, it is light and flexible. It is also very important that our winter minimalist shoes for children have a completely flat sole that keeps the body upright. All the aspects indicate that it is worth taking care of your child’s health and comfort.

Materials and craftsmanship

Thanks to the materials and a well-thought construction, the winter barefoot shoes for children ZiuZiu 2.0  provide unparalleled comfort on winter days. The upper is made of cowhide from Polish tanneries that support sustainable development. Natural leather makes the shoes soft, durable and resistant to weather conditions. Inside there is a warm and soft woolen lining with a membrane that is to protect the feet from getting cold or wet. We will not let your child’s feet get cold!

The flat and ergonomic Magical Rubber Trek sole is so flexible that it allows the foot to work and flex naturally. As a result, the muscles of the foot are strengthened and the body posture improves. Comfortable and strong Velcro fastening makes the shoes easy to put on and protects against rain and wind. Thanks to it, it is easier to adjust the shoes to each type of foot. The whole thing is constructed so that our winter minimalist shoes for children have the most anatomical shape.

Why your child should wear winter barefoot shoes

The easiest explanation is the fact that barefoot shoes are becoming more and more popular with adults and children. However, there are the youngest who should be most taken care of. The child’s foot is constantly developing until the age of 14. If you close your child’s foot in narrow and hard heeled shoes, it will not develop properly. In this case, the saying “less is more” has the best application. The less the shoes interfere with the development of the feet, the better. Especially in winter!


  • Season: late autumn, winter
  • Foot volume: low, medium
  • Intendent for: everyday, play, walks
  • Upper: premium grain leather
  • Lining: natural wool
  • Sole: Magical Rubber TREK: 4,5 mm
  • Weight: 130 g (size 23 EU)
  • Flexibility: the highest
  • Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)

Advantages of winter barefoot boots for kids ZiuZiu 2.0:

  • Wide toe-box – unrestricted toe movement
  • Flexible and non-slip sole – a sure step and natural work of the foot muscles
  • Completely flat – maintaining the correct center of gravity
  • No arch support – muscles can work independently
  • Warm and breathable – your baby will have warm feet that can breathe
  • A combination of natural leather and warm wool– thermal comfort
  • Shoes fully functional – the feeling of walking barefoot



  1. Cristina Lage (verified owner)

    I just love these! We previously had the Tup Tup model and my son didn’t want another shoes to put on. Great barefoot and minimalist shoes with great design. They run pretty large though. The customer service is beyond awesome. Definitely we are buying Magical Shoes next season again
    PS: delivery is really fast even though it ships from Europe

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