Barefoot kid's shoes - MOXY RED


Season: late spring, summer, early autumn
Intendent for: everyday, for learning to walk
Upper: natural NAPPA cowhide leather
Insole: perforated vegetable tanned leather
Sole: ultra flexible rubber
Weight: 65 g (size 24 EU)
Sizing: 23EU – 29 EU
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)

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Best leather Kid’s barefoot shoes – MOXY

Revolutionary toddler’s barefoot shoes for taking the first steps and discovering the world. We have created one of a kind minimalist kid’s footwear with our original lacing system. We guarantee that it will be incredibly comfortable for every parent and for your little ones. Our MOXY are lightweight, flexible, leather barefoot shoes for kids learning to walk. They have been equipped with a rubber sole to protect little explorers from the threats lurking under the feet.

The innovative Magical Lacing System, once used, will not require re-fitting. On the heel of the shoe there is a rubber stopper that allows you to tighten an elastic band. We are convinced that you will love this solution and appreciate our creativity. Below we present you a short video that shows how to adjust the shoes to the kid’s foot and how to lock the lacing in the right way.

Differences between the models MOXY and MOXY BABY:

The MOXY model differs from the MOXY BABY model in the range of sizes: MOXY from 23 EU to 29 EU, MOXY BABY from 18 EU to 22 EU. In addition, the MOXY model has a rubber sole and the MOXY BABY model has a grain leather sole.

Hand sewn barefoot shoes for your Toddler

MOXY are moccasins made of high-quality grain leather from local tanneries. The upper seam of the shoe has been hand-sewn by our qualified shoemakers, thanks to which each pair is a work of art, requiring a lot of work. Manually sewing one pair is a very time-consuming process. A special, hand-sewn stitch refines the design of our wonderful little barefoot shoes for the little ones. They have holes so that the foot can breathe freely.

Inside our barefoot shoes there is a perforated insole made of vegetable tanned leather that massages the child’s foot and after some time adjusts to its shape. Thanks to the use of vegetable tanned leather, you can be sure that your child’s feet will not be exposed to harmful substances such as chrome.

The sole in sizes for children learning to walk and those taking their first steps is made of durable and incredibly elastic rubber. It protects the footwear and the toddler’s foot against mechanical damage and possible injury, while ensuring its full sensory experience. The child fully controls the movement of his body, thanks to which he maintains balance and learns to walk correctly with the right posture faster.

Functional barefoot shoes for kids – what to watch out?

In addition to the above-mentioned new solutions, the MOXY model meets all the requirements of healthy barefoot shoes for children. This model is:

  • Completely flat (zero drop)
  • Wide toe-box
  • Incredibly flexible
  • Ultralight
  • Free from unnecessary stiffeners
  • Made of the highest quality materials

When buying the first footwear for your child, you should pay special attention that they have each of these features. If your child’s health is important to you and you want their feet to grow properly / naturally, you will choose shoes that will not adversely affect their development. As in nature, if the roots do not have space to develop, the entire tree suffers

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