Pro-health barefoot shoes – model Promenade

Unexpected flexibility, pro-health structure, durability, comfortable inside and high-quality handicraft – these are only few out of dozens amazing features of our new barefoot shoes model Promenade, created for minimalists and classic, urban style enthusiasts. The Promenades’ casual, unisex design makes it excellent choice for teenage girls and boys as well as men and women at any age, especially for those who care about their health and condition of natural environment (we created sustainable, vegan version of Promenades).

Pro-health features of the Promenades

The Promenades are minimal shoes with maximum pro-health effect. These everyday barefoot shoes has been created in order to provide your feet extraordinary comfort and freedom – extremely close to barefoot experience. Promenades are super soft and extra light, so your muscles and spine don’t get tired while and after using them. Additionally, when designing barefoot shoes we applied a concept of totally flat sole. Zero-drop shoes have no heel and no toe-spring; heel and toes are located at the same level (as if you were standing barefoot on the flat ground). Zero-drop shoes enable natural foot motion, not disturbed or influenced by unhealthy construction with heels or toe-spring.

Wearing Promenades you can be sure that your toes have enough space to stretch comfortably with each step. Wide toe box protects you from foot deformation which are usually appearing after years of using confining and stiff footwear. Promenades also protect you from overheating your feet and from skin problems. This is thanks to sophisticated new generation textiles used to create endure and well-ventilated uppers (this applies to suede shoes as well as to vegan, synthetic leather shoes). Ventilation process is also supported by breathable shoe lining made of microfiber.

When you walk in Promenades you can experience extraordinary natural foot massage which activates foot receptors and improves blood circulation (in the feet and all inner organs). Walking barefoot or using healthy minimal footwear have positive effects for functioning of all the body (it especially impacts digestive and blood system). Nervous stimulation from your feet reaches the brain and then spreads all over your organism improving activity of heart, guts, kidneys etc. That kind of stimulation – when experienced regularly – can help you strengthen natural immune system and lower the risk of infections, digestive and heart problems, nervous system issues etc. As you see, even footwear can impact your health. Choosing model Promenade you’ll provide your body with ideal conditions for healthy living.

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