Does healthy kids footwear really exist? Introducing barefoot shoes for kids

Every parent wants their child to grow in good health, comfort and safety. And what is it that the child wants? The child wants to discover the world, they want to run, jump, experience the diversity of objects and events. This is why kids need proper shoes, which would ensure freedom of movement, correct development of the body, but also high level of comfort and security. This article introduces barefoot shoes for kids and presents some reasons why it’s healthy for children to wear them.

What shoes should you NOT put on your kid’s feet?

It’s not uncommon that some parents think their child needs solid footwear in order to keep balance and a stable position while walking. They wrongly assume that tight and hard kids’ shoes will provide right support for young, still growing feet. This belief may affect child’s posture and health. Remember not to put too stiff, too heavy or too massive shoes on your kid’s feet. It should not be surprising that so many children pout and protest, when they need to cover longer distance on their own feet. Maybe they are just tired, but maybe they have put wrong footwear on.

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How barefoot shoes for kids may support your child’s development?

Minimalist shoes for kids have been created after scientists revealed a strong correlation between barefoot walking and the development of bones, muscles, joints, tendons etc. Barefoot shoes are there to protect child’s feet from injuries and bacteria, but children should walk barefoot as much as possible. When a surface is safe and it’s not too cold, let your child stay barefoot. Scientists have also proved that new brain connections are formed as a result of feet receptors’ stimulation. This means your child’s mental, physical and motor skills may develop much faster if they walk barefoot or wear barefoot shoes for kids.


Consider a few more reasons why it’s healthy for your child to walk in barefoot shoes:

  • By choosing minimal footwear for your kid, you protect their body from developing painful feet and backbone deformations. Barefoot shoes for kids are completely flat (zero-drop and no toe spring) and flexible, so your child’s feet can move freely, in a natural way.
  • Minimalist shoes provide enough space for toes to grow without any barriers and spread with each step. This helps to keep the balance while walking, so it reduces the risk of falls.
  • Extremely thin sole of barefoot shoes enables kids to feel the surface underneath (its hardness and structure) and that’s how children learn to recognise various types of ground and get the ability to walk on them safely. It also develops their sensory skills.
  • Walking and running in barefoot shoes gives kids’ feet natural massage, which stimulates receptors responsible for the health and growth of inner organs. That means, in barefoot shoes your child would get some positive acupressure supporting healthy and proper growth.

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