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A classical design of a leather boot, wide range of colours, natural woolen lining, extraordinary flexibility. Briefly, that is why the TAKIN model is the best winter barefoot boots for kids. Moreover, it was so designed in order to spare parents and their children the torment of tying. You only have to tie the laces once in order not to worry about the troublesome lacing of your shoes anymore. Most of all in winter! The shoes will be perfect for kids with a low and medium foot volume.

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Healthy, winter barefoot boots for kids – TAKIN

Are you looking for first, healthy winter shoes for your little angel? Or maybe your podiatrist or physiotherapist would recommend getting rid of hard, narrow and stiff shoes? If so, you are in the right place. The TAKIN model has all the features of healthy winter barefoot boots for kids that will not negatively affect the development of the child’s foot. Finally, your little explorer will enjoy every step they take. A step that will prevent them from looking for specialists’ help in the future.

Happy feet during winter days

Comfort is most important and that is why we did our best to take care of your child’s feet. There are not any irritating seams inside. The whole construction of our winter barefoot boots was so created that the feet would not be squeezed or pinched. The fluffy woolen lining makes the feet feel as if they were being cuddled with a soft blanket. A wide toe-box enables the child’s feet to feel comfy even in winter shoes. Almost barefoot!

Materials and technology

All variants of our children’s barefoot winter shoes are made of natural cowhide leather. The leather keeps the shoes naturally protected from snow and moisture. There is a woolen lining inside, connected to a hydrophobic membrane, thanks to which the shoes are even better protected. The Magical Rubber sole prevents the child from slipping, provides the required traction and is very flexible. There is a zipper on the inside of the upper, so that you could quickly put the shoes on your child’s feet. All these elements have been combined into one in our manufacture by the best shoemakers.

Why your child should wear winter barefoot shoes

The easiest explanation is the fact that barefoot shoes are becoming more and more popular with adults and children. However, there are the youngest who should be most taken care of. The child’s foot is constantly developing until the age of 14. If you close your child’s foot in narrow and hard heeled shoes, it will not develop properly. In this case, the saying “less is more” has the best application. The less the shoes interfere with the development of the feet, the better. Especially in winter!


  • Season: late autumn, winter
  • Foot volume: low, medium
  • Intendent for: everyday, play, walks
  • Upper: premium grain leather
  • Lining: natural wool
  • Sole: Magical Rubber TREK: 4,5 mm
  • Weight: 130 g (size 23 EU)
  • Flexibility: the highest
  • Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)

Advantages of winter barefoot boots for kids TAKIN:

  • Wide toe-box – unrestricted toe movement
  • Flexible and non-slip sole – a sure step and natural work of the foot muscles
  • Completely flat – maintaining the correct center of gravity
  • No arch support – muscles can work independently
  • Warm and breathable – your baby will have warm feet that can breathe
  • A combination of natural leather and warm wool– thermal comfort
  • Shoes fully functional – the feeling of walking barefoot


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