Woman’s Vegan Barefoot Chelsea Boots – Lupino Vegan Black


Woman’s vegan barefoot Boots – Lupino Vegan

These are the first, vegan-friendly barefoot boots in our assortment. All in all, we have decided to create a vegan variant of our bestseller model, Lupino. These boots are made of durable microfiber that imitates natural grain leather and maintains all its properties. Vegan minimalist Chelsea boots were manufactured without the use of animal-derived materials, while maintaining all the features of barefoot shoes. You will enjoy them in spring, autumn and early winter.

To choose the correct size of the LUPINO model, add about 5-8 mm to the length of your longer foot. The length in the size chart is the length of the insole.


Runs Small
True to Size
Runs Large

Adult shoes are smaller than the standard sizes. Measure your feet and check the size chart.


Woman’s Vegan Barefoot Boots – Lupino Vegan

We are being a little arrogant now. We have created the Lupino model so that you would get rid of other shoes in your closet. We are sure you would be happy just to think about putting them on. Our vegan, barefoot boots were so designed to provide you with the greatest comfort. The use of a vegan equivalent of grain leather means that the shoes do not crease when walking and for quite long they look as if they were used for the first time. The minimalist design has not deprived them of the classic urban style that will suit most of your outfits.

Barefoot boots you’re gonna love

 The boots are refined in every detail. We have been thinking about best solutions for a very long time in order to obtain the highest possible comfort of use from the classic, urban Chelsea boots. There is a zipper on the inside of the upper that makes the boots easier to put on. Thanks to this solution, the element “facilitating” putting on does not stick out from the upper, which could only unnecessarily crease your trousers. Flexible and durable sole has been carefully sewn to the upper, and its seams have been secured so as not to rub your feet. The shoes have been designed so that inside there is no element reducing the comfort of wearing. And all of these have been adjusted to obtain the maximum wearing comfort..

Dry, warm and most of all barefoot.

The upper made of durable microfiber protects the feet from getting soaked. This material is perfect for the autumn aura. Inside there is a pleasant to the touch, warm shoe felt, that would provide you with full comfort even on colder days. The completely flat sole will make your back and spine thank you after a whole day of wearing it. The sole is thin enough, yet durable and flexible so that you could feel every type of  surface under your foot. Isn’t it wonderful that you would feel as if you were walking barefoot when you go to work, go shopping or on a date? That is all to make you look fashionable and your feet would do their job.


Season: spring, autumn, early winter
Intendent for: everyday, work, walks
Upper: Italian microfiber
Lining:high-quality felt
Sole: Magical Rubber: 6,5 mm
Weight: 190 g (size 41 EU)
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)

Why choose Woman’s Vegan Barefoot Boots?

Vegan Barefoot boots are the only right choice for every man who is looking for healthy and comfortable shoes. It is an ideal counter-offer for stiff, heavy and narrow-toe footwear that has a negative effect on the foot and the entire human body. The choice is yours, but if you are not convinced, we have prepared a few sub-points with the main advantages of minimalist shoes:

  • Completely flat (zero drop) – will allow you to maintain the correct posture
  • Breathable and very light – you will not feel that you have them on your feet
  • Incredibly flexible – your foot can finally work naturally
  • Wide in the toes – the shoes do not pinch the toes, do not crush them
  • Thin, abrasion-resistant sole – maximum sensory experience and additional acupressure
  • Top-quality materials – shoes will last a long time
  • Fully functional shoes – you will drop the burden of uncomfortable and hard shoes
  • Shoes made of vegan materials – no animal was harmed in the production of the shoes

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  1. moni (verified owner)

    SO MUCH BETTER THAN I EXPECTED. Extremely snug and comfortable. I was worried they might feel to loose without any shoelaces, but no! they hug my feet. They feel barefoot and are so comfortable. highly recommend to anyone who likes to walk barefoot.

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