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Are you looking for winter ankle boots that are not only stylish and comfortable but also animal and environmentally friendly? Our winter vegan barefoot ankle boots are the perfect choice for you! According to your recommendations and needs we have created the Alaskan Vegan model that was manufactured without any use of materials of animal origin. The upper was made of durable microfiber imitating grain leather, and inside there is vegan fur that imitates wool. The shoes are fastened with a zipper, so you only need to adjust the laces once, and later you can enjoy putting them on quickly without any need of tying them. The boots are not waterproof, they must be impregnated. 


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This model fits true to size. Always measure your feet and check the size chart.


Winter Vegan Barefoot boots for Women

Winter is coming but you do not have to resign from comfort and style in order to keep your feet warm! Our Vegan barefoot ankle boots are the combination of classic, casual style, functionality and aware choice. The use of ethical materials and a sustainable production process make our first vegan winter model the best choice for everyone who wants to take care of mother nature. Due to the materials used, the shoes have not lost their most important features of barefoot shoes. They are still flexible, completely flat, with wide toe box and provide the user with an incredible joy of wearing them. Our winter vegan barefoot ankle boots are not only an ecologically responsible choice but also the comfortable and stylish one. Protect your feet against cold and dampness without losing your beliefs. Choose ethical and functional vegan barefoot ankle boots and enjoy winter at its best!

Season: winter, late autumn
Intendent for: everyday, work, walks
Thermal comfort: down to -5 ° C
Upper: vegan leather (microfiber)
Lining: vegan fur
Sole: Magical Rubber: 6,5 mm
Weight: 210 g (size 41 EU)
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)
Waterproof: The boots are not waterproof, they must be impregnated

Why is it worth choosing Winter vegan barefoot ankle boots?

Insulation for Thermal Comfort: The inside of the boots is equipped with insulation that guarantees thermal comfort even at temperatures reaching -7 degrees Celsius. Thanks to this, your feet will remain warm and cosy, regardless of weather conditions.

Ethical choice: Our ankle boots are 100% vegan that means they do not contain any materials of animal origin. When choosing our boots, you support an ethical and animal friendly approach to fashion.

Durable Microfiber: Microfiber is a material that not only looks elegant, but also protects your feet from rain and snow. Thanks to it, you can feel confident in all weather conditions.

Natural Movement, healthy feet: Vegan barefoot ankle boots allow your foot to work naturally without any limits. It feels as if you were walking barefoot but with protection and comfort of a shoe. We care about your feet’s health and your walking comfort.

Minimalist design: Our barefoot ankle boots are also a tribute to minimalism. Designed with simplicity and elegance, they are suitable for many occasions, from everyday meetings to evening outings. These versatile shoes adapt to your lifestyle.

Vegan barefoot boots are not just footwear – they are a manifest of your beliefs and your willingness to make every step, a step towards a better world. Regardless of gender, you can enjoy these ankle boots and enjoy walking, knowing that you are part of the movement towards a more ethical and ecological lifestyle.

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