Barefoot shoes for kids COCO JAZZ

Season: spring, summer
Foot shape: normal, wide, thick, chubby,
Upper: natural cowhide
Padding: natural cowhide
Sole: Magical Rubber : 3,5mm
Weight: 72g (size 25)
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0.0mm (zero drop)

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COCO barefoot sandals

Leather barefoot sandals COCO appeared in a wide range of new colors. They are an ideal solution for spring and summer children learning to walk and those who are already taking their first steps. Their main task is to imitate walking barefoot, so you do not block the natural development of little feet. We can define them as health shoes for children, because walking in barefoot shoes ensures correct body posture, strengthens the muscles of small feet and does not lead to their deformation.

The upper of the shoe is made of abrasion-resistant, high-quality cowhide leather. The leather lining does not scratch the foot and is safe for the delicate skin of a child. Thanks to hand-embossed holes, our COCO’s are very airy and are the perfect choice for children on warmer days.

COCO children’s sandals are manufactured in Poland in a small, family manufacture. Attention to quality is our priority. Our minimalist shoes are handcrafted from natural cowhide leather from local tanneries. They protect the toddler’s feet against any scratches and provide full comfort. The thin 3.5mm Magical Rubber sole is extremely flexible, flexes to all sides and is very resistant to abrasion.

The changes we have made.

In addition to the expanded color palette, several things have been improved in the current COCO version. We widened the Velcro fastening the foot, which has become more durable. The decorative trim at the sole has been replaced with an abrasion-resistant synthetic material, thanks to which the shoes will look nice for a long time.
The design of the shoe does not allow you to perform sports activities in which the child brakes with his toes (scooter, running bike)!

Why should we choose Magical Shoes barefoot shoes?

There are many positive aspects to wearing barefoot shoes. However, we want to present you the most important list of their advantages:

  • They will allow the foot to develop naturally.
  • Thanks to the thin and flexible sole, the muscles of the foot are strengthened.
  • Walking in completely flat shoes (zero drop) ensures correct body posture.
  • They are very flexible, so the child moves naturally. Unlike hard shoes.

Barefoot shoes not only for children!

We are convinced that shoes that allow for the proper development of a child’s foot are the best possible choice. Taking care of your child’s health, think about yourself too! Walking in functional, comfortable, flexible shoes is not just for children! Your feet locked in a stiff, squeezing shoe also need freedom.

Remember the feeling when you take off your modern and stiff shoes after a long day … Doesn’t it sound nice? 😉

Now think that you can feel this way all the time, wearing barefoot shoes that make you feel like you are walking barefoot. If you want to improve your health and well-being, check out our offer of women’s and men’s shoes. We are sure you will love your own Magical Shoes.

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