Autumn barefoot kid's boots - TUPTUP GRAY


Season: spring, autumn
Intendent for: everyday, play, walks
Upper: premium nappa leather
Lining: high quality felt
Sole: Magical Rubber TREK: 4,5 mm
Weight: 110 g (size 22 EU)
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)

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Autumn children’s barefoot boots TupTup

Listening to your needs, autumn children’s barefoot boots have appeared in our family. The TupTup model is a “slimmed-down” version of the ZiuZiu model you love. Inside, instead of winter insulation made of wool, we used thinner shoe felt, which is perfect for this time of the year.

When it gets colder, you rummage around in the wardrobe again in search of a warm hat and jacket for your child. What about choosing the right shoes for fall? Most parents downplay the purchase of the right fall footwear for their toddler. In autumn, children are not able to go barefoot as often as in summer, which is why appropriate footwear for this period is so important. It is important that barefoot autumn kid’s boots do not interfere with the development of the feet and allow natural freedom of movement.

Here our TupTups COME to the rescue! Defined by autumn footwear, however, they will also work very well in the spring season, and in the warmer parts of the world even in winter. They are made entirely of the highest quality natural leather from Polish tanneries. If properly impregnated with grain leather protection agents, they will retain their beautiful appearance and will be protected against rain and dirt.

Barefoot autumn kid’s boots TupTup – Materials and workmanship

The upper is made of the same grain leathers that were used in the winter model ZiuZiu. It is the highest quality natural cowhide nappa leather from local tanneries. Our children’s barefoot boots for fall, have a soft and warm felt inside, which allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature on colder days. Your baby’s feet will be really happy!

Our non-slip and flexible Magical Rubber Trek sole will give your child full control of movement and natural movement of the foot. The wide space for the toes allows them to move freely without any restrictions. Comfortable and strong Velcro fastening makes it easy to put on the shoes, adapts to each type of foot and protects against rain and wind. Our Magical boots are constructed in such a way that our Magical Shoes TupTup have the most anatomical shape and the highest mobility functionality.

Most of the materials became from domestic producers and suppliers, thanks to which our production has an impact on reducing the carbon footprint, and additionally we support the domestic economy.

Advantages of barefoot shoes for kids TUPTUP:

  • Toe wide – unrestricted toe movement
  • Flexible and non-slip sole – a sure step and natural work of the foot muscles
  • Completely flat – maintaining the correct center of gravity
  • No arch support – muscles can work independently
  • Breathable and very light – your child will not feel them on their feet
  • A combination of natural leather and warm felt – thermal comfort
  • Shoes fully functional – the feeling of walking barefoot

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