Wooden blance beam for kids - MAGICAL BEAM KIDS

Advantages of children using of the balance beam

  • Physical activity combined with fun
  • Training of body coordination and balance
  • Strengthening the child’s muscles
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Integration with peers
  • Stimulation of the child’s creativity

The basic set consists of 4 balance beams and 5 connectors!

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Balance beam for kids

Encouraging your child to spend time actively may be a tough task. Our wooden balance beam for kids might make it a little bit easier. A toy made entirely of wood will help your child develop balance and motor coordination. We recommend using the balance beam barefoot to activate the foot muscles and train the grip of the foot. The set consists of four boards and five connectors, which can be expanded with new modules. It is a great gift idea for a birthday, Christmas or any other day of the year.

Movement is health

The greatest advantage of our wooden blance beam for kids are its healthy properties. Your child would love their new obstacle course, increase creativity and improve their body posture. Playing with friends will be the greatest fun for your child and it will also help them develop their motor skills and teach some group work. The balance beam has movable arms that can be positioned in any way, creating paths for passage or geometric shapes. It is a very good idea to lay out the balance beam for kids in the fresh air. If you have such an opportunity, we highly recommend taking the game outside. Of course, it is worth putting on our kid’s barefoot shoes.


Limitless playing possibilities

 You do not need much free space in order to provide your child with some room for playing with the balance beam for kids. A well-thought construction enables you to create different shapes and additional modules give you limitless playing possibilities. The beam may be used in- and outdoor (of course in good weather). How to encourage your child to use a balance beam for kids? Prepare some interesting games for them! We count on your creativity, we may recommend, however, that “floor is lava” and “walking through the bridge” are great ideas. Another advantage is the fact that, after playing, you may put the set vertically in any place so that it does not take much free space.

Blance beam for kids specification

Set: 4 balancing beams, 5 connectors
Material: beams – birch plywood, connectors – spruce wood
Beams dimensions: length – 75cm, width – , thickness –
Connectors dimensions:
Set weight: 3,5 kg
Single piece weight: 0,8 kg
Protection: transparent water varnish safe for children
Load: 60 kg per beam

Safety first!

The set is made of high quality birch plywood that is resistant to high loads. The balance beam for kids is hand-made with the utmost care to ensure safe use. It was painted with  water, transparent, odorless varnish, which is absolutely safe for use by children. We recommend that you do not leave your child unattended while playing. Remember that the parent is responsible for their child’s safety.

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