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Winter barefoot kids boots – ZiuZiu Blue


Upper: Full grain leather
Linning: 50% natutral wool + 50 % polyester with water repellent membrane
Sole: Magical Rubber Trek: 4,5mm
Colour: blue
Flexibility: very high
Drop : 0.0mm (zero drop)

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Winter shoes in which your child feels like it’s walking barefoot? Yes, it’s possible!

ZiuZiu barefoot winter boots were created by parents, for children whose parents make sure that their foot develops naturally and is not deformed by heavy and stiff footwear.

Magical Shoes ZiuZiu have every feature of healthy, minimalist footwear: they are extremely flexible, they have completely flat sole (zero drop), have a lot of space at the toes and are incredibly light.

The upper, made of high quality full grain leather  with linning:  50% natural wool and 50 % polyester (Polish production). That mix takes care of the comfort of delicate children feet in all winter conditions. Between the leather and our soft and warm wool, there is a water-repellent membrane, which is an additional protector for a child.

The latest technology of making the treaded Magical Rubber Trek sole makes it super flexible, with every step being taken steadily, even on slippery winter surfaces. The rainbow colour palette of our minimalist boots will make every winter day not so gloomy. Fastening with Velcro greatly facilitates putting shoes on unruly (healthy) feet of a child.

Magical Shoes ZiuZiu are the only minimalist winter shoes the properties of which meet every requirement of healthy footwear for children.

ZiuZiu and all subsequent Magical Shoes minimalist footwear will be created by our designers with the health of both children and adults in mind.

We always dedicate a lot of time to tests and research, thanks to which we constantly learn. We do it to meet the requirements of all our clients. We want to have constant contact with you, create a barefoot community to educate, raise awareness and make each of you a part of it.


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– If you are a new client of Magical Shoes, we recommend choosing the size you usually wear.
– If the length is between two sizes, choose a larger size.
– For all models available in the Mens and Womens category, 3-4mm should be added to the length of your foot.  –– For children’s shoes Explorer and Explorer Autumn it is recommended to add from 6-10mm more than the actual length of the foot, so as to ensure comfort and a longer period of wearing footwear.
– For the Coco and Lulu kids models, it is recommended that the shoes should be from 5 to 9mm longer than the actual length of the child’s foot.
– For winter model ZiuZiu you should add from 7-10mm


Size Length (mm) Width (mm)
20 134 60
21 140 62
22 146 64
23 152 66
24 158 68
25 164 70
26 170 72
27 176 74
28 182 76
29 188 78
30 194 80
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