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Your favourite Alaskan model in a version for younger users has been created so that the whole family could move almost barefoot in winter. Barefoot winter boots for kids were designed so that the feet could increase their range of motion and the body could move in a natural, upright position. The upper is made of natural cowhide leather, which is to protect against bad weather conditions. Your child’s feet will also be protected against the cold thanks to the natural wool insulation, and the durable rubber sole will ensure that each step will be taken confidently. The boots provide thermal comfort down to -8°C. Let your child’s feet develop without any restrictions, also in the winter season.


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Barefoot winter boots for kids

Winter is a particular season when it is hardest to find healthy, functional footwear for your child. The belief that winter footwear must be stiff with a thick and hard sole is a shameful mistake. The growing feet of a child cannot take “time off” on winter days and survive this season in footwear that injures their anatomy. This is where the Alaskan Junior, barefoot winter boots for kids come in handy. Footwear designed for movement that does not adversely affect the natural development of your child’s feet. The materials used and the construction adapted to the growing feet of the child will make your little one feel complete freedom while moving in the Alaskan Junior model.

Warm barefoot feet in  winter? Why not!

Your apple of the eye will surely be grateful for the gift on their feet. Winter minimalist shoes for children, Alaskan Junior have all the features of healthy footwear and wearing them is supposed to give joy and full freedom of movement. The most important element of our footwear is its flat and flexible sole, which protects the child from slipping but also makes the shoes “work” while moving.

In southern Poland, where we produce our footwear, winters are cold and sidewalks can be icy. It is an ideal environment to test the usability of shoes. Inside the shoes we used the same lining as in the Alaskan adult model. It is natural wool combined with a hydrophobic membrane. The shoes are not waterproof, but will keep your feet dry for a long time. Before use, it is worth impregnating the shoes with a dedicated agent for grain leather. You will find such impregnation in our store (link)

I want to be like mom and dad

How often do you hear that your child wants to do what you do and look as you do? No wonder! You are their role model! We are aware that many of you liked our Alaskan model and that is why we created the Junior version that in most details is a “Mini Me” version. Our barefoot winter boots for kids are as warm, comfortable and functional as the adults’ ones. They additionally have a zipper thanks to which putting on the shoes is quick and hassle-free. You could honestly admit that sometimes each of us gives up shoes that we want to wear in favor of those that are put on faster;) Now you will be a beautiful, barefoot and happy family.


  • Season: late autumn, winter
  • Foot volume: medium, high
  • Intendent for: everyday, play, walks
  • Upper: premium grain leather
  • Lining: natural wool
  • Sole: Magical Rubber TREK: 4,5 mm
  • Weight: 165 g (size 31 EU)
  • Flexibility: the highest
  • Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)
  • Waterproof: the shoes are not waterproof

Advantages of Barefoot winter boots for kids:

  • Wide toe-box – unrestricted toe movement
  • Flexible and non-slip sole – a sure step and natural work of the foot muscles
  • Completely flat – maintaining the correct center of gravity
  • No arch support – muscles can work independently
  • Warm and breathable – your kid will have warm feet that can breathe
  • A combination of natural leather and warm wool– thermal comfort
  • Shoes fully functional – the feeling of walking barefoot

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