Barefoot Winter Boots for Women - Alaskan Buffalo Palomino


Season: winter, late autumn
Intendent for: everyday, work, walks
Thermal comfort: down to -8° C
Upper: premium nappa leather / suede leather
Lining: natural wool with a hydrophobic membrane
Sole: Magical Rubber: 6,5 mm
Weight: 210 g (size 41 EU)
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)
Waterproof: the boots are not waterproof


Runs Small
True to Size
Runs Large

This model fits true to size. Always measure your feet and check the size chart.


Barefoot winter boots for women – Alaskan Buffalo

Finding warm, comfortable and light winter boots is almost a miracle. We did it! Our warm, barefoot winter boots for women Alaskan have all these features, which is why they have been with us for several seasons. The Buffalo version is their next variant whose upper is made of the highest quality cowhide in classic, natural shades. Fashionable winter boots are an element of every woman’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, most of them are stiff, heavy and narrow in the toes, deforming your foot. The unique form on which we create our Alaskans allows the foot to have a natural, unlimited range of motion. You can be sure that your feet will thank you for it.

A neat streetwear cut will fit well with most of the garments you wear. When putting on shoes, you only need to adjust them with the laces once. The side zipper allows you to put the shoe on in the blink of an eye, without the need for another tying. In addition, a comfortable rubber located in the upper part of the upper makes it easier to put on. A pure pleasure to wear.

The ALASKAN BUFFALO model is available in sizes from 36 EU to 43 EU.

Materials and technologies used in the production of Alaskan Buffalo men’s barefoot shoes.

We used cowhide chamois leather and full grain leather to make the upper. Inside there is a very warm, natural wool lining with a hydrophobic membrane. The combination of these natural materials has created a new version of the Alaskan model that you love. Our men’s winter barefoot boots differ from their predecessor in the leather uppers. It is the highest quality cow grain leather with a natural texture, which comes from Polish tanneries. With proper care, it will look beautiful for many years. The Alaskan model is not waterproof!

Winter barefoot boots are not only a warm and elegant upper. The right sole is also a very important aspect. It is the same sole that was used in the Alaskan X model. It appeared in two new color versions, but it has the same properties. It is extremely flexible (the shoes can be easily rolled into a spiral), completely flat and has very good traction on any surface. If, like us, you are a fan of barefoot walking, we guarantee that you will love our Alaskan Buffalo barefoot winter boots.

Why choose winter Alaskan Buffalo men’s winter barefoot boots?

  • Completely flat (zero drop) – will allow you to maintain the correct body posture
  • Very warm – full comfort of use at temperatures down to -12 ° C
  • Breathable and very light – you won’t feel like they are on your feet
  • Incredibly flexible – your feet can finally work naturally
  • Wide in the toes – the shoes do not pinch or crush the toes
  • Abrasion-resistant winter sole – certain steps are taken on any surface
  • Top-quality materials – shoes will last a long time
  • Fully functional shoes – you will drop the burden of uncomfortable and hard shoes


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