Men’s Vegan Barefoot Chelsea Boots – Lupino Vegan


Men’s Vegan Barefoot Boots – Lupino Vegan

Timeless, urban style of men’s Chelsea boots in a vegan edition, plus maximum barefoot sensations? It was doomed to success! Vegan barefoot Chelsea boots for men, Lupino Vegan, are our alternative for people who want to have an impact on climate change and animal life. The upper is made of high-quality Italian microfiber that is produced in a sustainable way. Inside there is a synthetic felt, made of 80% recycled material. You will enjoy them in spring, autumn and early winter.


Runs Small
True to Size
Runs Large

Adult shoes are smaller than the standard sizes. Measure your feet and check the size chart.


The most comfortable, vegan barefoot boots you have ever worn

It is going to be love at first sight! This footwear’s anatomic shape will enable your toes to feel completely free. If you wore hard, narrow shoes, you would be able to experience a completely new, surely pleasant, experience. Our well-thought construction means that there are no seams inside the shoes or elements that negatively affect the comfort of wearing. Durable and delicate felt wraps your feet and provides them with thermal comfort on colder days. The microfiber used on the uppers is soft, so that the shoes do not lose their flexibility and “cooperate” with you during your movement. Vegan barefoot boots, Lupino will surely surprise you with its comfort and lightness. Everything created in an ethical, sustainable way in southern Poland. Could it be any better?

Autumn? Barefoot? Why not!

Autumn is associated with putting on extra layers of clothes and heavy shoes that are not pleasant to wear. I bet you already miss the summer lightness. What if this season does not have to bring negative connotations? Vegan, barefoot, men’s Chelsea boots Lupino Vegan may certainly change your mood. Our abrasion-resistant and incredibly flexible sole will allow you to get close to the ground and explore the surface under your feet. We follow the principle of “less is more”, so the Lupino Vegan model has been maximally reduced. We made sure that it only has the essentials, which makes it probably the lightest autumn shoes you have ever worn.

Barefoot boots with great tasks

Warm, comfortable and for sure stylish. Is it really so significant? The most important task of these men’s barefoot boots is, however, their positive impact on your body. You will be able to wear them all day long without any knees, back and, most of all, feet tiredness. While walking, your feet will do the job they are destined for. They will move, just like that. Our flexible sole with very good traction is responsible for this. The sole is completely flat so that your body will have an upright, correct posture. The wide toe box allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the body. The entire construction allows these men’s barefoot shoes to become your everyday physiotherapist.


Season: spring, autumn, early winter
Intendent for: everyday, work, walks
Upper: Italian microfiber
Lining:high-quality felt
Sole: Magical Rubber: 6,5 mm
Weight: 190 g (size 41 EU)
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)

Why choose Men’s Vegan Barefoot Boots?

Barefot shoes are the only right choice for every man who is looking for healthy and comfortable shoes. It is an ideal counter-offer for stiff, heavy and narrow-toe footwear that has a negative effect on the foot and the entire human body. The choice is yours, but if you are not convinced, we have prepared a few sub-points with the main advantages of minimalist shoes:

  • Completely flat (zero drop) – will allow you to maintain the correct posture
  • Breathable and very light – you will not feel that you have them on your feet
  • Incredibly flexible – your foot can finally work naturally
  • Wide in the toes – the shoes do not pinch the toes, do not crush them
  • Thin, abrasion-resistant sole – maximum sensory experience and additional acupressure
  • Top-quality materials – shoes will last a long time
  • Fully functional shoes – you will drop the burden of uncomfortable and hard shoes
  • Shoes made of vegan materials – no animal was harmed in the production of the shoes



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