How do you choose the best spring and summer children’s shoes?

Despite appearances, spring dressing can be a bit tricky. As they say in our country, it’s April Fools’ Day — a bit of winter, a bit of summer. As of the date of this writing, there is… snow.

However, it is worth starting to prepare for warmer days, when it is necessary to combine comfort with appropriate protection and, above all, the health of the child. Buying shoes can therefore be problematic, especially for children, but our article will tell you what to look out for.

What should a baby’s first shoes be?

Whether you are choosing shoes for spring, autumn, or winter, children’s shoes should have one thing in common: a focus on health. A child’s foot is in constant development for the first few years of life, and choosing the right footwear can determine their entire stature later on! We don’t plan to scare you, but if you focus on ,,fashion and cute looks” instead of flexibility and space for the toes and the foot, this can result in increasing foot defects in the future.

Which features should I focus on?

  • minimal or no heel cup. This ensures that the foot continues to move naturally and does not become accustomed to walking “off heel”.
  • wide toes, so that they do not rub against each other, which can cause hallux valgus or hammer toe defects,
  • flexible, so as not to hinder the foot’s growth,
  • without stiffeners,
  • made of good-quality materials suitable for the child’s delicate skin.

Is it worth buying your child leather shoes?

When it comes to children’s shoes, it is important to be aware that the foot is growing all the time. Shoes can therefore last for one, or maximum two, seasons due to the changing shoe size. However, leather footwear has a number of advantages that are very friendly to the child’s foot. In addition, high-quality children’s shoes will be much more durable than low-quality shoes, which is especially important for children who are bursting with energy.

What benefits will leather shoes have?

  • Ergonomics: leather children’s shoes better support the correct size of the foot and do not adversely affect the skin like plastics, for example.
  • Durability: shoes made of leather or vegan grain leather are far more durable than low-quality footwear from large manufacturers.
  • Comfort: Due to the less rigid materials, leather children’s shoes will work well for walking, prancing, and jumping.
  • Aesthetics: properly cared-for leather shoes are definitely prettier and won’t lose their color.

If you do not want to use animal materials, the aforementioned vegan grain leather will be the solution.

Magical Shoes – children’s shoes from a Polish manufacturer

At Magical Shoes, we approach the foot as one of the most important body parts in the human body. It is the one that supports the entire skeleton; it is the one that determines how fast we move, and even a seemingly small defect can affect the posture of the entire body.

We pay particular attention to footwear for children, whose feet develop over the first several years of life. This is why we are constantly improving our footwear, listening to feedback, and not afraid to produce further versions that support the development of a healthy foot even better.

We use the highest quality materials in the production of our children’s shoes, so they can withstand all the antics of even the biggest urchin while still providing complete freedom.

Baloo 2.0 – flexible children’s walking shoes

The Baloo 2.0 is a new, refreshed version of the children’s shoes, which are characterized by their width at the toe, total flatness, flexibility, and lightness. We made them from natural cowhide leather, which allows the foot to breathe and develop properly. The feel of the ground is practically the same as when walking barefoot, yet they provide full protection against injury.

Thanks to the Velcro fastening, they adjust to every foot type, and the special construction means that there is not a single seam inside the shoe! Among other things, this means that nothing will put pressure on your little one’s foot, and the shoes will fit even better.

With the Baloo 2.0, we have introduced a new flexible sole with non-slip properties, making them the perfect first shoe for your child.

You can find the Baloo 2.0 shoes in various color versions here.

LuLu is the ideal choice if you already have children walking on their own (from a one-year-old child upwards).

LuLu leather minimalist shoes are the ideal choice not only for children who are learning to walk but also for those who are confidently taking their first steps. The leather upper does not block the development of the child’s foot in any way and allows the skin to breathe and grow healthily.

The LuLu was created with the intention of interfering as little as possible with the foot. The thin sole (which is also abrasion-resistant) enforces the correct step and strengthens the foot muscles. The completely flat shoe allows for correct posture. Last but not least, LuLu is incredibly flexible, allowing your child to move naturally without any pressure points.

You can also find LuLu shoes in our minimalist footwear shop for children.

Promenade Junior – flexible shoes for older children

The Promenade Junior footwear is a reduced version of the Promenade for adults. It is designed to serve any child who needs a lot of freedom and protection when playing, running, or going to school. At the same time, thanks to the wide toe area, zero instep, and flexible sole, they promote natural movement and thus counteract postural defects.

The Promenade Junior is ideal for both school and everyday wear. In addition to their functionality, they have a cute and fashionable look, so we guarantee that your little one will not want to take them off. It is a great choice for spring and summer because of the material they are made of—natural cowhide. The foot does not sweat, and there is no risk of bacteria or fungus.

You will find various models in fashionable colors in our shop for the little ones.

What shoes to choose for a child with foot or leg defects?

A question that often comes up is which footwear is best if your child has had foot or leg problems from an early age. Unfortunately, we are not doctors or physiotherapists, so we cannot give you a satisfactory answer.

Minimalist shoes will not be the solution to every problem (especially genetic ones), but they can significantly help reduce inflammation or promote proper movement. If prophylactic shoes are not yet indicated by a doctor, minimalist footwear can fulfill their role. After all, with illnesses, there’s all the more reason not to put pressure on the child’s foot, right?

Unless the doctor advises otherwise, minimalist shoes can help with rehabilitation or minimize postural defects, so if there are no contraindications, feel free to buy the right shoes for your child!




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