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Magical Shoes

Are there shoes which are so comfortable that you don’t want to take them
off? Yes, these are Magical Shoes! Thanks to the indestructible Magical Rubber zero drop sole our minimalistic shoes are extremely flexible, durable, and immediately adjust to your feet making you experience comfort of moving the likes of which you never felt before. They make you feel as if barefoot. Moreover, we value
living in harmony with nature and that is why our offer includes also shoes which are 100% vegan.


Vegan Shoes
Magical Shoes

 With care for nature Since our very beginning, one of our most important values was living in harmony with nature and the environment, that’s why our offer includes 100% vegan shoes. Such shoes can be used in a number of different ways and of course also include our special Magical Rubber sole. We know how hard it is to find comfortable vegan shoes – now you don’t have to worry about it! Our minimalistic vegan footwear will provide you with both physical as well as ethical comfort.





Barefoot Minimalist Shoes – Magical Shoes

Every day we rely on our feet, which take us wherever we need. These inconspicuous parts of our body can easily handle the weight of it and usually we do not think much about their wellness. We just put on the pair of comfy shoes and do our thing. But are those shoes really that good for our feet? Most of typical footwear are too tight or has heels which are too high and that influences not only our feet, but also the whole body. That is why, barefoot shoes are much better choice for you!

Barefoot Minimalist Shoes in Natural Shape of Foot

For ages our ancestors had been getting on without any footwear quite well. And then someone just decided that we need some protection for our feet, which seemed to be reasonable. Unfortunately, the evolution of it got us to the point when we actually hurt our feet and the whole body by wearing uncomfortable shoes.
Because of that, we have decided to create barefoot shoes in the natural shape of human foot. They are wider than typical footwear, so our toes are not squeezed and at the same time they guarantee the right stability and support of the base. The zero drop in our minimalist shoes means that there is no height difference between the heel and toes. Foot can distribute the pressure equally and the spine is exposed to less pressure. And all of this, in turn, let’s us move around in a much healthier manner.

Feel the Comfort You Deserve

We need to state it very clearly – hard footwear hurts and deforms our feet! You may be used to the discomfort it causes you, as you wear such shoes since the early childhood. However, it still isn’t good for the wellness of your feet. That is why, we give you extremely flexible barefoot shoes with no artificial stabilization of any kind. By wearing this footwear you will finally understand what comfortable really means, and at the same time you will let your muscles work naturally every step of the way. Thanks to the materials used we may offer you minimalist shoes that are truly ultralight. Because of the very low weight of every pair of our shoes you won’t even feel that you are wearing any footwear at all. You can walk, jog or run in them and you will still feel extreme comfort.

The Highest Level of Durability with Magical Shoes

You have read quite a lot about the barefoot shoes so far, but you worry that they aren’t durable enough? Well, thankfully you are wrong! The materials we use, especially our Magical Rubber, are the guarantee of the incredible resistance of Magical Shoes. The sole is really thin, as it is only 5 mm thick, but at the same time it is extremely resistant to piercing and abrasions. Of course, the sole is still very flexible and allows you to move comfortably, but you don’t have to worry about its condition. Also the upper parts of all our footwear are made of natural and light materials, which are really durable and flexible at the same time. So if you are looking for shoes that will be good for your feet and will stay in great condition for years, the Magical Shoes are the best possible choice.

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