Sportovni barefoot boty Explorer 2.0 Vegan Rock


Season: spring, summer, autumn
Physical activity: running, fitness, training, walks
Upper: microfiber / air mesh fabric
Lining: breathable microfiber
Sole: Magical Rubber: 6,5 mm
Weight: 180 g (size 41 EU)
Flexibility: the highest
Drop : 0,0mm (zero drop)


Runs Small
True to Size
Runs Large

Adult shoes are smaller than the standard sizes. Measure your feet and check the size chart.


Barefoot shoes Magical Shoes Explorer 2.0

To meet your expectations, our timeless Explorer model has been modified. We present to you the improved version 2.0, in which we applied all the comments and insights you mentioned. After all, you are the best testers for us!

Created for people who love to walk barefoot. However, this is not possible in all situations. This is where the Magical barefoot shoes come to the rescue.

Our Magical Shoes team has great respect for living creatures. For this reason, we have decided to expand our Explorer 2.0 offer with four vegan versions, created without use materials of animal origin.

Why should you choose barefoot shoes?

  • they protect the feet without affecting their natural movement
  • have a completely flat, mega-flexible sole
  • have a lot of space in the toes
  • lack of stabilization and depreciation
  • have a very low weight
  • materials resistant to bending

All this to create a shoe that closely resembles walking barefoot!

The barefoot shoes Magical Shoes Explorer 2.0 shoes remain the most universal model available on the barefoot shoe market. The technologies and materials used, as well as the experience of our reliable craftsmen, allowed us to create a model you will love. Before it appeared in our offer, it underwent a series of tests so you could be satisfied for a very long time.

Magical Shoes Explorer 2.0: The most versatile barefoot shoe!

When we created the Explorer 2.0 model, we focused on creating a functional sports shoe, that will work well for most physical activities.

Explorer 2.0 will work best as:

Running shoes – flexible, completely flat sole (zero drop) and lack of cushioning force you to run naturally (on your toes).

Forefoot running is the healthiest form of running, as it does not burden joints, knees and hips, this minimizing the possibility of an injury.

Fitness shoes – a flat, wide sole allows you to perform exercises with full body control, so you can focus more on their proper performance.

Strength sports shoes – barefoot shoes stimulate the involvement of muscles and minimize foot limitations, which translates into the biomechanics of the body and improvement of sports results.

Street workout shoes – calisthenics shoes must be light, comfortable and flexible.

Movement shoes– the main task of this movement practice is to use all the muscles in the body, therefore barefoot shoes are the only good solution.

Nordic walking shoescomfortable, sports footwear is the basis for this physical activity, loved by millions.

Casual shoes – light, comfortable, barefoot shoes in which your feet will feel free!

Changes made:

In the belief that “less is more”, we did not make any breakthrough and drastic changes in the design of our Explorer. We stuck with the minimalist, classic sneaker icon from the ’70s. This fashion will live forever!


In every shoe (not only minimalist) the sole is the most important! Thanks to the sole the shoe is more or less flexible, it is most responsible for the durability of the footwear. The sole as the most important part of the shoe is in contact with the ground.

The most important modification introduced is that it has been widened, so the foot support area has increased. This treatment allows you to increase the balance of the body during moving and standing. The wider sole, the greater body control.

In addition, our Magical Rubber sole has been stitched and designed to protect the foot against injuries more, without affecting the overall flexibility of the shoe.

Shoe lining:

According to your recommendations, we replaced the air mesh with a microfiber that wicks moisture away and prevents the feet from sweating.

Tongue stabilizer:

A durable tape has appeared on the tongue, thanks to this, the tongue in the shoe will remain in place, even during the toughest training.

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