Thermal felt insoles for winter boots


Properties of warm felt insoles:

  • provide the highest standard of foot protection against cold and moisture
  • they do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin
  • absorb moisture
  • they ease the pressure of the feet on the ground, increase the comfort and hygiene of using the shoes
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Thermal felt insoles for winter boots

We offer barefoot boots for every season. Vegan insoles made of warm and soft felt will protect your feet from the cold even on the coldest days. They will become your best ally in the fight against freezing feet. Winter-resistant insoles consist of three layers.

Upper part – Warm and soft felt warms the feet and insulates the feet from the cold

Middle part – Spacer foam insulates and adapts to the shape of the foot

Lower part – aluminum foil which reflects the cold flowing from the soles of the shoes like a double-sided mirror. It prevents the outflow of heat stored in the footwear, and at the same time prevents the outer layers of the insoles from getting wet.

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