Barefoot sandale Caballo Blanco HEMP Blue


Sole: Magical Rubber: 5mm
Sole’s color: blue
Lining: bactericidal fabric made from natural hemp
Weight: 180g (size 42)
Lining Colour: Beige
Flexibility: very high
Drop: 0.0mm (zero drop)
Lacing: strong, nylon shoelace
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Fascinated by McDougall’s book “Born to run”, we have created one-of-a-kind minimalist running sandals, inspired by those where Tarahumara Indians run. Their name comes from the wonderful runner Micah True, who was called Caballo Blanco in the book. Caballo Blanco minimalist sandals are also an ideal option for people who do not only deal with physical activity, but for those who look  for a comfortable, casual sandal on a daily basis.


Why will you love your Caballo Blanco HEMP?


– Attractive, unique, casual look allows their user to stand out from the background of „typical“ running sandals.

– The folded front part of the sandal, in addition to visual features, protects against injuries.

– By creating our minimalist shoes, we would like  to contribute the protection of our planet therefore we use a lining made of organic hemp fabric.

– Hemp used is one of the most durable, natural fabrics. It is non-slip and in addition has bactericidal properties. Ecological considerations are equally important, its cultivation needs about 70% less water than in traditional agriculture.

– Available in 3 different colors.

– It is a 100% vegan sandal that has not been made from animal materials.

– Flexible sole and huarache binding allow the feet to work in their full, natural range

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