Silikonové separátory korigující prsty na nohou Magical Separatrs


Množství: dva separátory (PÁR)
Lékařský silikon
Barva: bílá
Velikost: Univerzální
Výhody: Korekce překrývajících se prstů na nohou. Jak se zbavit haluxu.



Our Magical Separators are sold in pairs.

Magical Separators help you stretch, strengthen and spread your toes properly. People often do not realize that the health of feet is extremely important for our whole body. Their deformities can contribute to problems with hips, knees or back. Our separators will help you to evenly distribute foot pressure, which improves our overall posture. The main task of the separators is to correct the position of the toes, which were most often deformed by walking in hard, improper footwear, in which our foot was compressed.

Made of soft and flexible medical silicone, they adapt to any type of adult foot.
They are safe for our skin.
Regular use of the separators will help you return your toes to their natural position and avoid painful surgery.
They can, and even should, be used prophylactically when we notice the initial stages of deformation. They help in getting rid of such foot deformities as halux, hammer-toed or clawed toes.

Our Magical barefoot shoes are created to ensure the health of our customers. We try to make our footwear functional and not restrict the natural movement of the foot. Magical Shoes are designed in such a way as to provide the foot with the right amount of space in the toes, which is why they are compatible with our separators.
Durable, medical gel used for their production, will allow you to use it for a long time. After use, we recommend that you clean the separators in warm water using soap. They should also be dried in a room temperature. If necessary, use talcum powder or baby sprinkles when applying them to your toes.


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