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Where to use our balance beam

  • Foot training
  • Alignment of the big toe
  • Stabilization of the knee and back joints
  • Natural training
  • Movement training
  • Balance exercising
  • Training of motor coordination


Wooden balance beam – MAGICAL BEAM

We have been working on this original project for a very long time and it has been polished up in every detail. It is a one of its kind solution. The set consists of two beech wood beams and three beech connectors with rubber pads that prevent you from slipping while exercising. The set can be expanded with other segments. Combine fun with training and discover how your feet are strengthened, your body balance improves and your body awareness increases.

Strong foot and fully body control

At first sight it may look like a kids’ toy. You could not be more wrong! Balance Beam is a tool for movement training that would let you gain full body control, strengthen the foot and correct overlapping toes. While walking on it with a bare foot, each muscle is being activated and the toes are improving their grip (yes, the toes should also train it). There are, however, many other advantages. Doing exercises on the beams forces you to concentrate fully, so that you do them correctly and your technique is developing. As a result, you protect your body from injuries.

Small space, complete training

No time for training at the gym? The weather is frightful so exercising outside would be nothing pleasant? You have no room for training in your flat? It is not a problem at all. Magical Balance Beam was so designed that it would fit into every free space. The movable arms of the balance beam can be deflected in any way, so that even 1 m2 is enough to perform a complete training. Those with more space have more possibilities to show off. The set can be unfolded over its entire length or additional modules can be added, arranging them in any way you wish. By having more than 2 modules, you can create a closed pattern with an equilateral shape.


After training, the set can be placed vertically in any place so that it does not take up any free space.


Set: two beams, three connectors with a rubber pad, a cotton bag
Beams dimensions: length – 100cm, diameter – 4,5cm
Connectors dimensions: length 22,5cm, width – 6cm, height – 5cm
Set weight: 2,8kg
Single piece weight: 1,4kg
Use: foot training, balance training, movement training

Training possibilities

We have prepared for you a short video where coach Patryk, our co-partner, shows some exercises you may perform on Magical Balance Beam.

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